Why GDPR as a Service?

The G-Day for GDPR compliance has passed and nothing much happened to mark the occasion. However much has now changed and there are still many organisations that we talk to who have still not started their compliance journey. We sat down with the guys at Gecko Compliance to ask them about their approach to helping businesses become compliant and why they were offering something different.

We asked their founder and chairman the Rev Mark James for his view as an experienced GDPR & PCI compliance consultant.

Hi Mark, can we start by asking you where the idea for Gecko Compliance and ‘GDPR as a Service’ came from?

MJ: Sure, well the pressure for organisations to become compliant with the GDPR has meant that I’ve been so busy, that I have been turning custom away as I’m simply overwhelmed with work. I have also been wrestling with the fact that my training and consulting takes me away from home and the Church too often for my liking, and so I wanted to find a way to still help people, but not to spend so much time away from home. The objective behind Gecko Compliance was simply to be able to multiply my efforts – clearly, I couldn’t clone myself, but I could take all of my experience and knowledge and create a journey powered by video content, and deliver my service remotely – broken into bite-sized chunks rather than in person. Now my clients can consume it at a time and pace that is right for them.

That makes sense – so you are looking to create a self-service consulting offer without having to travel to meet with clients face to face and in fact so you can virtually help multiple clients at the same time – right?

MJ: That’s it – absolutely. What was also clear to me, was that I am just one man, already over-subscribed with time commitments and so I drew a team of people together who could help me to create and deliver the vision, and Gecko Compliance was born.

Tell us a little about what you have created please Mark?

MJ: There’s been a lot of thought and effort gone into the website in terms of how we can provide ‘GDPR Simplified as a Service’, and how we do that for customers. After all, we know nothing about the businesses that we will be serving, but we do know what we think they will need based on the work we’ve done with over 800 clients in the last year or so ranging from very small charities and small schools, right through to very large global Enterprises. We’ve focused very hard on the message – we have focused on making this simple for people to consume the information, and so decided to use video content quite heavily. We needed to ensure that what we are providing is useful, meaningful and is simple and pragmatic. All businesses will need to document their compliance journey – collecting and documenting evidence along the way, so we have created simple templates for subscribers to use.

So, Mark is it just the documentation or is it more than that?

MJ: There are two routes to follow, one is the ‘EDUCATION’ route, where we have broken down the subjects into bitesize videos covering all areas of GDPR, such as the right to be forgotten & data breach risk assessment. The other route is the “HOW TO” route, where you will see videos on how to document your journey – what to look for and where to look. The Journey is based on the thought that we could offer a “white glove” service – a hand-holding exercise if you will, where we take customers on the journey to GDPR compliance, each step of the way. I’d also go as far as to say that if there’s something missing if there’s a video that customers would like to see more information on then we’ll add to the content as we go. We want this to be an organic place for customers to come and visit and use, and we want to have something that our customers can rely on. To support that ethos, we’ve created a forum where we are hoping to build common communities for people to engage with each other. So if you’re a school there will be a school’s forum if you’re a church, there will be a church forum, if your are in the legal profession, there will be a legal forum, and so on….

Mark, that sounds great, and as you say quite a different approach to the standard consulting offer. Well we hope this goes well for you and look forward to checking in again in a couple of months to see how it’s worked out, and we hope you manage to take back some time to do what’s important to you.

To learn more – go to www.geckocompliance.com

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