Channel still has plenty to do – according to Computer Weekly

The Channel still has plenty of work to do around GDPR, according to their report this week.

It has been some weeks since the GDPR came into full effect (May 25th 2018), and it seems that many organisations are paying scant attention to the new regulation. There does appear to be some confusion from the comments that we hear regularly as a result of some guidance from the ICO lead Elizabeth Denham. In her public addresses, she has been at great pains to ensure this new regulation is not seen as some draconian ruling meant to harm business, but as a sensible approach ensuring that we have a degree of protection around our personal data to accommodate the changes over the past 20 years, as we move increasingly to an online world.

Gecko have carefully considered the options available to business and decided that a common sense and pragmatic approach was required – a service was needed to help SMEs through the “mire” as they see it. Something that was first and foremost affordable, but also, something that was always available to them – 24x7x365. We know this can be a troubling issue for businesses – especially smaller businesses, but rest assured, we are here to simplify and support.

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