Channel still has plenty to do – according to Computer Weekly

The Channel still has plenty of work to do around GDPR, according to their report this week. It has been some weeks since the GDPR came into full effect (May 25th 2018), and it seems that many organisations are paying scant attention to the new regulation. There does appear to be some confusion from the…

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Why GDPR as a Service?

The G-Day for GDPR compliance has passed and nothing much happened to mark the occasion. However much has now changed and there are still many organisations that we talk to who have still not started their compliance journey. We sat down with the guys at Gecko Compliance to ask them about their approach to helping…

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The end (or beginning) is near

It is now only 34 days until May 25th at the time of publishing this. May 25th is the date for GDPR compliance to “kick in”. It is perhaps a little alarming that many businesses are still not off the starting blocks. I think there are a few reasons for this, including the somewhat naive…

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